Crossing Point

New series of
English-language poets
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surprising, eclectic.

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Ars Interpres Publications is very pleased to announce 
the publication of Dipak Mazumdar's new book

Fluid Twilight

We are very pleased to announce that our book, 
Fluid Twilight, has an official publication date, 
February 17, 2008 and will be launched on Thursday, 
February 21 at the Restaurant Dionysos
(Bondegatan 56), between 18.00 and 21.00

A Note about the Author

Born in the thirties in Bengal. Later moved to Kolkata where he stayed about 
14 years. Published his first poem in a Delhi based magazine Thought in 1956.
Left for Europe in July 1956, came to London via Marseille and Paris. Lived,
worked, and studied both in France and England, one day drifted on to the 
shores of  Ultima Thule, arms of the Welfare State picked him up and nurtured
him. He worked as a teacher, taught English, French and even Spanish, became
respectable and responsible.
Poems have been published in India, England, Portugal (a collection of verse),
Denmark, Italy (on line), USA (on line) and in Sweden by Artes, Moderna Tider,
Dagens Nyheter, Lyrikvännen, Karavan, Passage and in a book of poems titled
Världen in Sverige.
Published 4 volumes of verse, the latest one was in 2003, I have peeled this orange before. It was a bilungal book of poems, ( translated into Swedish by Julian Birbrajer) the title in Swedish was Den här apelsinen har jag skalat förut.

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