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Ars Interpres Publications is proud to announce 
the publication of Ewa Lipska's new book

The Holy Order of Tourists

translated into English by Ryszard Reisner

We are very pleased to announce that our book, 
The Holy Order of Tourists, has an official publication date, 
September 25, 2006 and will be launched on Thursday, October 5
at the Polska Institutet, Stockholm.

Ewa Lipska was born in Cracow in 1945 and presently has returned to live there.
Amongst others, she has been awarded the Koscielski Prize, Geneva (1973), the
Polish PEN Club award for her contribution to literature (1993), the Jurzykowski
Foundation Prize, New York (1993) and more recently, the ‘Wawrzyn Literacki’,
Katowice (2002) for best book of the year ‘Sklepy zoologiczne’ (Shops For Pets), 
the ‘Odra Prize’, Wroc?aw in 2004 and ‘The Pozna? Review of Books Prize’2005
for ‘Gdzie Indziej’ (Somewhere Else). 

Collections of her verse have been translated into many languages, including 
English, Russian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German Hebrew and Swedish. 
Ewa Lipska has published 15 books of poetry, making her debut in 1967 with 
Wiersze [Poems] and most recently, Drzazga 2006 [Splinter]. 

Originally identified to some extent with the Polish ‘New Wave’ of poets in the 
late 1960’s, Lipska’s work has always in some form carried an integral concern 
for the individual’s fate in the immediate world through history, coupled with an
exploration of man’s emotional interior. Recognised as one of Poland’s major
poets, Lipska’s poetry is a vital contribution to literary sensibilities and literature
in general, with its innovative use of simple language to create new cognitive
tensions, forms of reasoning the world within and without.

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