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Ars Interpres Publications is very pleased to announce 
the publication of Susan Bullock's new book

Selected Poems


'In this book Susan Bullock shows that she is remarkably talented, in 
eloquent poems that pursue their themes so intently and with such gathering 
power, as in the impressive Roman and Venetian series in this book, and 
in The Russian Poems and the Patmos series as well.  The poems are 
marked by intensity of feeling disciplined by, and made more expressively 
intense by, her strong sense of the formal integrity of the verse line.'

David Ferry

A Note about the Author

Susan Bullock was born in Somerville, New Jersey, and attended Wellesley College.  In 1981 she went to Europe on a Thomas Watson Fellowship, and then returned to the United States where she studied with Joseph Brodsky.  Her poems have appeared in Persephone, Harvard Review, Princeton Theological Review, English, Ars Interpres, Stand, and Literary Imagination.  She resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

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