No. 3


No. 8-9





Antoni Albalat
   Antoni Albalat (Castelló de la Plana, 1961), is not only a poet in the classical sense but the author of journals articles, children literature, and digital works of art among other things. His first literary work, written in Catalan, Aviram espars (1989) is a poetic prose work. Then follow up works such as Cinerari de tardor (1993), or Líherència dels hidroavions (1995), Llibre dels grills (1998), La ploma de vidre (1998), Tardor a Llareggub (1999, with Lluís Messeguer), Llibre de voliaines també dit versos de la pedra seca (1999), Mar jaspi (2000) and Els peus de la boira (2001) and collective books such as Tords (2003), Ritmos (2002) and his most recent book, Tractat del caos (2004). Antoni Albalat is one of the poets included in the already classic Catalan and Spanish Visual Poetry Anthologies. Some of his works are in The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, Miami (http://www.rediscov.com /sackner.htm). This is one of the most important experimental poetry collections in the world. 


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