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Arcady Kotler
Arcady Kotler's work over the years has explored the relationship 
between formal parameters of sculpture and its inner reality. 
Appropriating aesthetics of modernism as his own point of departure he 
seeks to create new narrative possibilities beyond modernism's territory.
His works incorporates artist's own experiences, references to art 
history, human consciousness and  nature.

  Kotler's  work embraces  the relationships between matter (perceived 
as solid) and an “empty” space, which permeating it inside out.  Artist 
explores virtually matter-less nature of the material world through the 
sculpture - yet the most tangible form of art.

 Born in 1959 in Moscow, Russia  Arcady Kotler received MFA in Fine
Art from Moscow Art Academy. Presently he lives and works in New 
York. The artist has received a number of honors and awards including 
Artist's Fellowship Grant and Gottlieb Foundation Grant in 2003.

 Kotler's work has been  represented at public and private collections 
and institutions in United States and abroad including those of the 
Museum Of New Art ( MONA) Chicago, Morris Art Museum, 
Morristown, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NY, Galleri Infra, 
Stockholm , Edsvick Kunsthalle, Sweden.

 The commissions he created among others include: 9/11Firefighter 
Memorial, commissioned by FDNY,  “Intersecting Senses”   installation 
at Frihamnent, the Ports of Stockholm,Sweden, 2006 and the sculpture 
of poet Costas Montis at Columbia University, 2014.




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