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Anna Alexandra Maria

Photo by Petra Palm
The daughter of the late Joseph Brodsky, Anna Alexandra Maria 
Brodsky, was born 1993 in New York.
After studying in New York, Milan and various places in the UK, 
Anna eventually left conventional academic institutionalized 
learning at 18. 
She is a devotee of Satyagraha or 'truth force', she advocates the 
eradication of the monetary system and lives with her soul partner 
and their child. Now Anna will continue her studies at the 
art school in Milan.
Her poems have appeared so far only online, but will also be 
featured in the upcoming anthology.

An interview with Anna Alexandra Maria Brodsky for the Swedish Radio (Russian Service) taken by Max Lapitskij after the event last Saturday at the Kulturhuset. 
Anna Brodsky reads her poem for Regina Derieva in Stockholm
Anna Brodsky reads her early poems: 

Plaque to Joseph Brodsky unveiled in London




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