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Alexei Purin
Alexei Purin is a poet, essayist and literary critic. He has headed the poetry section of the leading St. Petersburg literary review Zvezda (‘The Star’) since 1989. Since 1995 he has edited Urbi, a bimonthly literary almanac. 
Purin’s first book of poems contains the much-discussed cycle ‘Eurasia’ (1985), which deals with his years of military service in Karelia on the Finnish border. In 1998 he published Arcaica, a collection of his poems written between 1973 and 1988, which won several literary prizes. Recollections of Euterpe (1996), a collection of essays on 20th-century Russian poetry, also won an award. 
Selections from Purin’s poetry have appeared in English, Italian, Polish and Dutch translation.


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