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Alan Shaw

Alan is a dramatist and composer as well as a poet, translator, and critic. He has published translations of Pushkin's Mozart and Salieri and Griboyedov's The Woes of Wit. His poems have appeared in Grand Street and Partisan Review, and his essays in Hudson Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, and ebr (electronic book review). In both his poetic practice and in his criticism he has been interested in the use of verse as a dramatic and narrative medium, as well as in musical text-setting and the relation of verse to music. His most ambitious work to date, incorporating his ideas on these matters, is The Ghost Dancers, a play in verse with an original musical score. As a translator he believes in striving for formal as well as semantic fidelity. Schooled in the classics, he maintains a lively interest in Ancient Greek poetry, which he recites in a reconstructed pronunciation.


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