No. 2





Christophe Brunski

Christophe Brunski is author of 4 books of fiction and verse in English, French, and Swedish: Líaube sous les yeux díhier (1999); The Sea-Glass Chronicles (2000), Monnet Saal (2001), Boken av Blida Skada (2003). His forthcoming work Solstice manda solstice, which features selections of his own photography to accompany the French text, will be available early in 2004. Aside from his own writing he has translated several contemporary authors from French and Swedish into English. Christophe resides in Northampton, Massachusetts. He finished his undergraduate studies at Hampshire College, and more recently a Masterís in Language and Culture at Linköping University, Sweden. 
You can read more about the author and his works on his personal site www.bluecathexis.net


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