No. 4




Dariusz Pacak

Dariusz Pacak, poet and opera singer, was born in Lodz (Poland). Studied in Cracov, Katowice, in 1997 gratuated from Wroclaw Academy of Music. Post Graduate Studies in Vienna (Austria). 
Awarded a Scholarship by The Ministry of Culture and Art, Warsaw (Poland)  and by The Ministry of Research and Science, Vienna. 
He is the recipient of many poetry and singing awards. Member of several literary associations, among others of the World Academy of Arts & Culture and World Congress of Poets (USA), Union of Polish Writers Abroad (London).
His most recent books includes “Birds of Emanations” (Cracow, 2001), ”W  Podruzgotanym Ciagu” (Poznan, 2003)  and  “House Of The Golden Fleece” (Poznan, 2004).
Dariusz Pacak works have been translated into English, German, Chinese, Czech, Hindi, Korean and included in such World Anthologies as “Inscriptions In Time” (USA, 2002), “The Best Poems & Poets 2003” (USA)  and “Theatre of The Mind” (London-Paris-New York, 2003).
Currently he lives in Austria.


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