No. 4




Gennady Aygi
Gennady Aygi was born in 1934 in the Chuvash Autonomous Republic. Regarded as the Chuvash national poet, he has translated many works into Chuvash & has edited an anthology of Chuvash poetry (translated by Peter France & published by Forest Books, 1991). Due to his ties with Pasternak, Aygi was expelled from the Gorky Literary Institute, & went on to found a society of underground artists in Moscow. He has worked at the Mayakovsky Museum, organizing art exhibitions, although most of his life has been lived in poverty, primarily earning his living through translations into Chuvash. Though relatively unpublished in the Soviet Union until the late 1980's, his work was published & received major acclaim throughout the rest of the world, being translated into some 20 languages


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