No. 9




Julian Birbrajer

Julian Birbrajer was born in Warsaw, Poland, 1955, resides in Sweden
since 1969. B.A. in linguistics, English, Slavonic languages.
Works with photography, translations, graphic design, publishing.  
Some exhibitions: Frölunda Kulturhus, Göteborg, 1987; Stockholm Art
Fair, 2004; Edsviks Konsthall, 2006; Vårsalongen, Liljevalchs, 2007, 
Galleri Ikon, Stockholm, 2007. Photo Agency: Mauritius Images. 
Editor of PASSAGE, a photograhic and literary magazine. Translations
(into Swedish): Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Nabokov from Russian; 
Hanna Krall, Wislawa Szymborska, Bruno Schulz from Polish; Attilio
Bertolucci from Italian; Dipak Mazumdar, Vladimir Nabokov from


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