No. 7





Lars Forssell
Foto: Lars Göran Karlsson
Lars Forssell, born in Stockholm in 1928, is one of Sweden’s most eminent poets. Starting with his debut in 1949 (Ryttaren, The Rider), he has published seventeen volumes of poetry, as well as several editions of selected poems. He has also published plays, essays, song lyrics, and translations from Norwegian, French, and English (most notably, of T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound). Forssell has won many prestigious awards in Sweden, including the Bellman Prize (1968 and 1981), the Övralid Prize (1981), the Pilot Prize (1992), the Litteris et Artibus Medal (1993), the Swedish Academy’s Nordic Prize (1998), and the Erik Lindegren Prize (2000). He has been one of the eighteen members of the Swedish Academy since 1971.


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