No. 4




Michael Speier

Michael Speier, born 1950, lives in Berlin (Germany). His publications include numerous volumes of poetry as well as contributions in some 30 anthologies. He is the founding and continuing editor of the international literary magazine ‚Park‘ (since 1976) and the ‚Paul Celan-Jahrbuch‘ (since 1987). He also translated widely from English, French,and Italian (Zanzotto, Deguy, Roubaud, Palmer, Waldrop, Duncan). 
Michael Speier is Honorary Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati (USA) since 1997. He is also periodically involved with teaching and other projects at the Freie Universität Berlin, the universities of Leipzig and Hildesheim. His primary interests include art and literature, symbolism, expressionism, translation theory and practice, the image of the city in literature, and modern poetry, especially Paul Celan. In addition to numerous articles and reviews, he has written or edited the following books.


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