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Margitt Lehbert

Margitt Lehbert: born 12.2.1957 in Geneva, Switzerland, German 
citizenship, grown up in Geneva ('57-'63), Washington D.C., ('63-'67), 
Mexico City ('67-'68), Bonn ('68-'69), Washington D.C. ('69-'76), High School Degree (1975) and Abitur (1976) from the German School, 
Washington D.C., student of philosophy and German at the University of Konstanz, Germany ('76-'80), PhD-studies in comparative literature 
(English, German, French) and work in the Master of Fine Arts Program (Translation) at the University of Iowa ('80-'86), degree: "Master of 
Fine Arts (Translation)" 1986. Assistent for "Poetry World", today 
"Modern Poetry in Translation", work for Anvil Press Poetry in London, Sheep Meadow Press in New York City. 1988 to Berlin as independent transalator and language instructor. 1994-'96 independant translator in Utrecht, Holland. Return to Berlin, remained there until 2002. Today Margitt Lehbert lives with her family on a small farm in Southern Sweden and has begun work as a small publisher of poetry with Nimrod Press.
She has translated into German selected poems by Les Murray, Elizabeth Bishop, Paul Muldoon, and into English selected poems by Georg Trakl, Sarah Kirsch (Winter Music: Selected Poems. London: Anvil Press, 1993) and Michael Augustin: Koslowski  (52 Pointers from Hearsay, Todmorden: Littlewood-Arc, 1992)
Publications in magazines and anthologies (Germany, Austria, USA, 
England, Australia, including some original poetry): Akzente, Neue 
Rundschau, Sprache im technischen Zeitalter, Edit, Poetry, Quadrant, American Poetry Review, Modern Poetry in Translation, Ambit, Stand, Ploughshares, Rowohlt, Penguin, Faber and Faber, Anvil Press Poetry and others.


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