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Pavel Rechensky

 Pavel Rechensky (1924-1998), the self-educated artist, jailed 
 in his childhood to Karlag, was dedicated to “smiling” and gentle
 religious images. Working in technique of encaustics on wood,
 he had found an adequate embodiment of motionless expression
 of eastern faces and landscapes.

 "His education was broken off at age 12 when his well-off
 peasant parents were forced to move from the Saratov region
 to Karaganda during forced collectivization. Rechensky's naive
 paintings find communist luminaries Stalin, Beria and Lenin 
 in the company of the devil. The works possess "some folk 
 wisdom," according to Galina Lavrentyeva.

 From an article "Art From the Land of Soviet Exiles".
 The Moscow Time, Oct. 12 1995



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