No. 4




Per Wästberg
Photo by Hans Hammarskiöld

Per Wästberg was born in Stockholm in 1933. He received his Bachelor of Arts (comparative literature) from Harvard University in 1955 and PhD from Uppsala University in 1962 on a thesis of the African novel, 1945-60. He has been a critic and columnist at Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's main daily, since 1953. 1976-82, he was Chief Editor of the same paper.
He is Vice President of International PEN, and was President of Swedish PEN, 1967-78. He founded the Swedish Amnesty in 1963. He is a member of the European Academy of Arts & Sciences since 1980 and became member of The Swedish Academy, chair no. 12, in 1997. He is a member of the Nobel Committee for Literature since 1998.
Per Wästberg has published fifty books, novels, poetry and non-fiction.


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