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Ryszard J. Reisner

Ewa Lipska and Ryszard Reisner in Stockholm, 2006

Ryszard J. Reisner is a translator and researcher of Polish literature 
who has published on the role of the translation process in literature 
and has taught translation at a number of universities, including 
The University of Warsaw. 
He has also completed bilingual publications and readings including
The City of Home (an English-Polish anthology of Australian poetry
with co-editor Thomas Shapcott), The Holy Order of Tourists by
Ewa Lipska and The Seasons by Dariusz Pacak, English versions 
for the theatre, such as Stefan Mrowinski’s The World of 
Monodrama, as well as contributions to Six Polish Poets, edited
by Jacek Dehnel, and Contemporary Writers of Poland, edited 
by Danuta Blaszak. 
He collaborated with Father Jan Twardowski on a representative
selection of his work that included his first volume of 1937. He has
also translated poems by Zbigniew Herbert as well as the cycle 
Swiat. Poema naiwne (The World) by Czeslaw Milosz. As part of
a multi-lingual project in Vienna, he had also completed translations
of Marek Grechuta’s interpretations (and musical settings) of well-known painters Obrazy spiewane
More recently he has translated Regina Derieva's Chleb i Sól (2015).




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