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Sergey Kalmykov

Sergey Ivanovich Kalmykov (1891-1967) was born in Samarkand but soon moved to Orenburg and went to gymnasium there. In 1909-1910 he lived in Moscow, attended K. Yuon's art school and preparatory lessons at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. Having arrived in St. Petersburg in autumn 1910, the painter had studied in private school of Y. Zvantseva for four years. K. Petrov-Vodkin and M. Dobuzhinsky were his teachers there.
After the Revolution Kalmykov lived and worked in Orenburg and in 1935 was invited to Alma-Ata to work as an art director in a music theatre. Till his death he remained an unacknowledged painter and a lonely man.
Works of Sergey Kalmykov are unique and do not have any parallels in the history of world art. His unusual works of painting and graphics with astonishing subjects and characters; with synthesis of spontaneity and intellect; rich imagination and precise calculation with wide range of plastic realizations can be called science and feature fiction. He dreamed of large fezez and made sketches with beautiful and strange characters and fantastic plots.


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