No. 5





Tadeusz Rozewicz

Tadeusz Rozewicz was born in Radomsko, Poland. He fought in the underground Home Army during the Nazi occupation and began publishing with the clandestine press. After the war he studied art history in Krakow and his first book of poetry, Niepokoj (Anxiety), appeared in 1947. He set himself the task of reinventing literature in the face of a brutality that seemed to have devalued everything, including words themselves, for an audience of survivors: "We learned language from scratch, these people and I." His writing was stark, stripped, honest, distrusting every trace of rethoric. Rozewicz was quickly recognised as one of Europe's outstanding poets and became a major influence on modern British poetry. 
In the early 1960s Tadeusz Rozewicz also established himself as one of the most innovative post-war dramatists with The Card Index (Kartoteka), an Absurdist social satire,which has been called Eastern Europe's Waiting for Godot. Ceaslessly experimental, his other plays include Marriage Blanc (a comic fantasia on fin de siecle erotism), the anti-heroic war play Dead and Buried (which provoked national controversies both during and after the Communist era) and The Trap, a haunting story of Kafka's life and imagination, Rozewicz has been translated into forty languages and performed all over the world.


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