No. 2




Tomas Venclova
Photo by Ivan Milovidov

Tomas Venclova is professor of Slavic Language and Literature at Yale 
University in the USA, a famous Lithuanian poet, translator, literary critic, and essayist. 
He was born in the Lithuanian coastal town of Klaipeda, a major port on
the Baltic Sea, on September 11, 1937. Tomas Venclova participated in
the dissident movement during the Soviet period; in 1977 he immigrated
to the United States. 
Collections of Venclova's verse were published in English, Russian,
Polish, Swedish, German, and other languages. In 2000 he received the
Lithuanian National Award. In addition to this Tomas Venclova 
a recipient of several international prizes (Vilenica, Capri).


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