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Poetry Festival
 October 4 - 6



2007 Reading Schedule

October 4: 
 6:00 pm Four poets from Singapore, Mario
Susko, and Valzhyna Mort give a 
talk and reading at the 
Varuhuset PUB (Hotorget, våning 3).
October 5: 
 6:30 - 9.00 pm Petter Lindgren, Toh Hsien Min, 
Heng Siok Tian, Yeow Kai Chai, 
Yong Shu Hoong, Tim Liardet,
Patty Crane, Dipak Mazumdar,
Lasse Söderberg, Julian Birbrajer,
Ulrikka S. Gernes, Lars Palm, 
Antoni Albalat, and Mario Susko 
read at the Nordiska museet.
Reading hosted by Hildred Crill.
October 6:
  12:30 pm Lasse Söderberg, Ulrikka S. Gernes, 
Dipak Mazumdar, Tim Liardet,
Antoni Albalat and Lars Palm give 
a talk and reading at the Varuhuset
PUB (Hotorget, våning 3).

  16:00 pm

Toh Hsien Min, Heng Siok Tian, 
Yeow Kai Chai, Yong Shu Hoong, 
Tim Liardet, Lasse Söderberg, 
Patty Crane, Ulrikka S. Gernes, 
Petter Lindgren, and Antoni Albalat
Berns Salonger.

  19.00 pm

Mario Susko gives a talk and reading
at the Stockholm Croatian Club.
"Matija Gubec"
Hrvatsko kulturno drustvo - Kroatiska
kulturföreningen, Stockholm
Barrstigen 46
T-Bana-Metro Abrahamsberg



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